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A free e-series to help you drive your business forward for growth, profits, and freedom in 2017. 

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Meet Your Experienced Advisors 

Hi, and welcome. We are excited to provide this free email series which consists of five strategically designed concepts you can use to improve key areas of your business.

Each day we walk you through a new tip, the problem it solves, and how to implement it.

We look forward to being of service.

Lester Lewis

Principal Consultant at Lester Lewis Consulting Pty Ltd

Kenneth Andersen

CFO & accredited Business Coach at Zentapon Pty Ltd

Four Great Reasons to Adopt These Tips For a More Successful Business

  • Put the foundation in place to spend more time working ON your business rather than working IN it.
  • If your business has reached a point where everything seems to have ‘maxed out’, learn how to create the systems that will give you a fresh perspective allow you to expand.
  • You went into business because you liked the idea of being your own boss – but you’ve just bought yourself a job that requires double the hours and pays way less. Start creating the business you always wanted.
  • You’d like to sell your business but a lot needs to happen to get it running well enough to hand over as a viable concern. Start learning how to make the changes needed it so it runs profitably without you there.

Here are the Five Key Business Success Areas we cover…

  1. How to capture, assess, test, and implement new ideas
  2. Which numbers to focus on to REALLY improve your bottom line
  3. Creating unforgettable customer experiences
  4. Recruiting for quality and not just filling a gap
  5. How to implement new systems that will take your business forward AND free up your time

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The Team Helping Businesses Generate Growth, Profits, & Freedom

Lester Lewis has over 40 years experience in govt. advisory and private sector roles helping small and medium sized businesses improve productivity, overcome obstacles, achieve strategic outcomes and increase profits.

Kenneth Andersen is an MBA qualified Chartered Accountant and experienced CFO who lives and breathes identifying with your business to create wealth for you. He provides a strategic perspective through vast experience working within several industries, countries, and a diversity of cultural companies small to large.

MAUS Business Systems have been developing business systems, software, and business building resources right here in Australia for over twenty years (MAUS is an abbreviation of Made In Australia). Their clients include SME’s, govt, and tertiary institutions.

What next?

Hopefully flexibility and freedom. We’ve got lots more information for you! Pop your first name and email address into the form below and get started for free. Receive your first strategic tip immediately.

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DISCLAIMER: Results not guaranteed. As with any information, your individual results are dependent on your own circumstances, discipline, and ability to apply the information provided.

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